Lakewood Center Mall


The Lakewood Center Mall is the epitome of convenience. Opened in 1951, it provided a central shopping experience for those living in the Lakewood suburban community. It is also one of the largest malls in the United States of America, placing at about 18th place. It has over 2 million square feet of leasable shop space. It has two stories, and a food court. It gets around 11 million shoppers per year. It is owned and operated by the Macerich company along with two other malls, the Los Cerritos Center in Cerritos, California and the Stonewood Center in Downey, California. The Macerich company’s motto is “Shop One Shop All.”

During our lectures about suburbs, we talked about all of the conveniences and safety the suburbs had to offer. For example, when you needed to get some shopping done, all you had to was get inside your car, drive to the mall (which is still inside the suburb), step out of your car, go inside, make purchases, get inside your car, drive back home and unpack your items. Throughout all of these steps, not a single one involved stepping out of the suburb. Fascinating, isn’t it?

I can attest to the steps listed above. As a resident of Lakewood, I feel relatively safe walking around the neighborhood at night. Even at the mall, a semi-public place, I feel safe. Why? It’s because I know they have security posted around the mall. Since they are private forces hired by the mall, they are free to kick anyone that they don’t like out.

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