Lenin in La Brea

While driving though Los Angeles one day I turned to my right and noticed a larger chrome bust of communist leader, Lenin. The statue is assembled by using staggered sections which represent the brokenness that was left in Russia after Lenin no longer had power. Atop of the statue is Chairman Mao who is believed to dangerously come near to communist beliefs and ideologies. That is represented by making it appear as though they are a tight-rope walker.

IMG_20160305_154002007 (1)

When compared to the fear of Communism in the United States in the 50s and during the McCarthy trials, the ability for the city to leave a statue of Lenin up shows how there is not a huge concern of Communism taking over. The statue has been up for five years and appears to not be leaving anytime soon which may be a good thing, to remind politicians about the dangerously thin line they can walk into a communist nation.

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