Los Angeles.

I knew exactly what I was getting into when I chose fashion as my major. One may ask what that specific thing is. My answer? Constant annoyance. While Los Angeles doesn’t exactly reach fashion standards, especially when compared to New York, there is a certain vibe about the west that traps people here. I’m not sure if its the glamour behind the name or the weather, but it’s definitely addicting. I work at a simple chain store in Manhattan Beach about a mile or two from LAX. Sounds of passenger jets landing pervade my eardrums as I attempt to sell upper-middle class Americans and tourists imported products that’ll soon be rotting away in a landfill.

A constant stream of wasteful consumerism defines our every day life. Simply working a few miles from LAX has allowed me to meet so many different people connected by an addiction to constantly shop. The Los Angeles Municipal Airport was constructed in 1929 from a plot of land used primarily for bean farming and has undoubtedly become the largest connection the American west has to Europe, South America and Asia. With my store located within minutes from this worldly connection, it has become even easier for tourists awaiting their flight back home to make some unnecessary last minute purchases. Yet, the deep-seated bond that Los Angeles has with the rest of the world is absolutely mind-boggling and is what makes this city one of the greatest, and weirdest, in the world. Whether one is vacationing here to shop, take in a fresh breath of sunshine, or relax poolside, it is the perfect place to simply just be.


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