Palm Trees

In nearly every movie about Los Angeles there is going to be a slow motion shot of palm trees while music plays in the background. The palm tree has now become an iconic symbol for the city even though the palm trees planted here are not native to this area. The first palm trees planted in Los Angeles were brought here by the Franciscan priest who may have wanted the plants because of its usage in the bible.


When California was first expanding the idea that it was “magical” was easy to believe. Tourists and people who had gone out to move to California would encounter the trees and would be amazed since they had most likely never seen one before. The power of the land was also shown by the ability to grow such tropical plants.

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  1. Ian Lococo

    Californian’s definitely take palm trees for granted and I have never really though of it before but California, especially Southern California, has so many and is probably one of the only places in the United States that has the ability to grow so many tropical plants. The palm trees help to solidify Los Angles as a unique “island of the land.”

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