Rascals Teriyaki Grill

When I first came to Cal State University Long Beach, I remember driving down Bellflower Blvd and seeing this restaurant on the outskirts of campus with a giant sign advertising Rascals. I had no idea what it was at first and was confused because it sounded similar to Roscoe’s (a chicken and waffle place). But when I went there I found out that they’re a teriyaki joint that  fuses American and Japanese food together.

The original Rascals Teriyaki Grill opened in 1987 in the South Bay by brothers Wayne Kiyokane and Phil Kiyokane. They originally opened a frozen yogurt shop but quickly made the shift to food. Their vision was to open a restaurant that remained loyal to its employees and customers and who would bring a tasty meal at a modest price. Rascals Teriyaki Grill now has three locations in Torrance, Gardena, and Long Beach, and all three locations are still family run and operated by the Kiyokane brothers who even help to work the counters at all three locations. Since opening, Rascals has gained a large amount of press in their local papers as critics come to try their food (said press can be found on the Rascals Teriyaki Grill website).

When I first went to Rascals Teriyaki Grill, it was with a large group of people and I remember the service being great and the staff their being able to easily accommodate the large party size as well as the numerous orders and specialties we all ordered. In my opinion, Rascals Teriyaki Gill has succeeded in providing an environment where customers feel at home and in creating an ambiance that makes you want to go back over and over. I find it extremely admirable that the Kiyokane brothers could grow their restaurant into a small chain that stays loyal to their values as well a to what their customers want. To me, Rascals represents a place where you can go and enjoy a meal with your friends while not feeling rushed , and where the staff actually seems to enjoy new and familiar faces entering the premises.

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  1. Elvin Mabborang

    Rascal’s is the SPOT! Bomb food and the staff is always super friendly. Very ma and pop sorta feel and they have a lot of students working there as well so it definitely has a comfortable atmosphere. Serving sizes are pretty good too; the teriyaki burger with fries is a good snack and the teriyaki plates in the large size are pretty hefty

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