Rodney King Palm Trees

When I was little my father would show me around Los Angeles and share the history of the city with me, he gained his knowledge through experience and stories. At the moment I still do not know how much of his anecdotal history is accurate. One of my fondest memories with my father is when we walked over the 101 freeway on Los Angeles Street and we looked over the passing cars. He asked me if I had seen anything important, I said the murals on the walls probably had some sort of importance. He told me to look closer and eventually he pointed out to me that the palm trees right in front of my face were a great part of Los Angeles’ history. He shared that during the Rodney King riots much of the city had gone up in flames and that those trees right in front of me were still left with the scars of yesterday. The scorched trees are still there today and I try to visit them at least once a year


During the Rodney King riots my father had to defend the grocery store near my house since others around us had been burned and looted. I believe that the people around me share great knowledge about the history of the city I have always lived in and by getting to talk to them more about it I will be able to learn more.

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