Suburbs 4 Histories

For each of the projects write a paragraph that offers at least 5 points of constructive criticism or needs improvement and at least 4 points of positive feedback. Post this feedback to the appropriate blog entry by 5:00 p.m. tonight. Sign your initials to your feedback.

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Write your criticism/positive feedback here:

William Godbey:

To start, the intro page and thesis of your website was simple and to the point, I liked it. Not only that, but your clear use of sources and pictures made the layout of the website look great. However, it did seem to be a lot of information in a small amount of space, so perhaps summarizing more would be helpful. The timeline also seemed a little hard to navigate, and I also think adding a video would help brighten up your pages. Perhaps even some more pictures too. Good work though! Easily my favorite project.




Ryan Florence:

This website was laid out in a self-explanatory way that allowed it to be super user friendly and easy to navigate. Also, the suburbs that were chosen were very relevant to Los Angeles as well as the area we all live in. The pictures used were vibrant and helped display what was discussed in the text. Also, there was a lot of information covered. However, due to the formatting of the website it appeared very grey and drab. The background image was dark and the scrolling nature of the website made it seem very text book like. Changing the background picture and breaking up the text with pictures or videos may allow the website to seem less text intensive. Also, because the website was so text intensive, highlight the important info or use subheadings to help users find exactly what they need quickly.

Ian Lococo:

I’ll start with my positive comments. I like how on the home page each Suburb had a picture link that went to its description and history. I also liked how the timeline was integrated into the suburbs; helped to illustrated the duration of the suburbs development. The website looked visually interesting and also had a nice layout. The text for each suburb needs to be condensed a little, too much text, and also, to add more pictures to the timeline which I believe you were going to do. As I’ve said for every other group, I would maybe change the font and make the text bigger, times-based fonts just aren’t that interesting to look at. I would also maybe add a little section about why you chose each of the four suburbs.

William Hovik:

The exploration of four different suburbs withing the Los Angeles area was a great idea and effective at showing the various types of suburbs. The website’s layout was unique and intuitive to use. I like how the website had a overview about page and a timeline to better describe how suburbs developed over the twentieth century. The website had a visual strong suit and was helpful in displaying the information. As for the structure of the website, I believe there should be a homepage that is clearly defined and would display the “About” section. The timeline needs more pictures and better descriptions about the events. The website link for the timeline did not work well and the site was difficult to use so maybe look into manually writing out the timeline to make it easier for the viewer. – WDH

Anthony Yassa:

I think the homepage of this project was excellent, and made the site very inviting and easy to navigate. I think more visuals on the timeline, and less dense text would have helped, but overall it was very nice. The images were utilized very well, and the timeline was a nice touch. I think more interesting fonts would improve the aesthetic of the site, and improving the functionality of the timeline would help as well. Some audio to break up the text would be a nice addition as well.

Jordan Friedman

I just have to begin by saying that I really like the layout of the homepage with the 4 different suburbs displayed. It created a good aesthetic as well as easy navigation throughout the site.  The chosen suburbs were very relevant, making it interesting to read. There was good relevant information. Also really cool that you incorporated the timeline with important dates and events. Yet, there was a lot of white space that you could utilize. A video for each suburb on either its history of its present would have been good to see. It was very text intensive, with giant long paragraphs that could be broken up for and easier read. Since there’s a lot of information, maybe bold or highlight the important key points.


Keaton Nishimi:

I think the homepage was really interesting and helpful, however to make it a little more visually appealing it would be nice to make it symmetrical. Each page had a lot of depth and strong analysis. The navigation was also clear and easy to use, although because the pages were so long it often got tiresome to scroll through the page to find the relevant information. It might be better to divide up the pages a little more. I liked how the sources were utilized and there was a clear connection between the past and the present. The media was limited to pictures, but they were utilized well, so perhaps adding other types of media would be useful. The thesis was also not very deep, although each individual piece was strong on its own. A singular page describing how the suburbs were connected and how each demonstrates the overall theme would be helpful. Also, the timeline was not very well integrated and was not very intuitive. It would be beneficial to make it easier to read and navigate.



Elizabeth Boron-Trotter:

Overall, I liked how user friendly the website was. Also, the home page was really neat and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I suppose you could make it symmetrical however and have two tiles above and two below instead of three and one. Upon going through the website, I saw a ton of pictures. Good job with the visual images but perhaps you could have added other forms of media. I did like the effort with the timeline. However, it could use a bit more work. It is difficult to use and see what is going on after I click on the link. Also, maybe try to make the font sizes the same size. As far as the theme of the website, its hard to see what is going on. Your “About” page seems clear and you say “the suburbs were meant to fulfill the American Dream, though their real effects over time often vary.” But I don’t see you guys addressing the American Dream you talked about on the “About” section on the rest of the website.

Pattinson Hayton:

Having a page entirely devoted to the thesis allowed readers to know right away where they were headed intellectually. The group’s initial onset to explore the four different suburbs within Los Angeles was also a great idea. Utilizing the picture of one of the group’s grandmother as a primary source was very clever and engaging. The website was laid out well in a very user-friendly way.

While the website looked good and was easy to navigate through, it was quite bland and needs some more artistic flavor. I would also suggest changing the font and making it bigger so that readers can navigate through the website and read at easy. The usage of a timeline was a great idea, but the execution was poor – consider revising it and making it look more appealing by adding more color or pictures. Most of the other groups had some form of audio that added to the user experience. I would suggest adding this to make readers more interested in the website. Instead of having your home page be about the thesis, I would have a page devoted to a table of contents or a brief introduction on the subjects that are going to be covered.


Kaicie Messer

I really loved the design of the homepage. It was fun and very dynamic, however you might consider putting the pictures with two on top and two on bottom to make it symmetrical. You might also want to focus on consistency. Some pages had different sections than others. Also some had more pictures than others. Lastly the timeline was a little confusing and the events didn’t seem entirely relevant. Lastly, you might want to find one spot to put all your sources for easy access. Apart from those issues I really loved the website. The pictures chosen were excellent and really captured suburban life. The overall design was beautiful. Dividing the different suburbs up and analyzing them each individually was a wonderful idea. It was an excellent project and I really enjoyed going through it.


Nissa Araque:

The site is very professional and the timeline put the developments of these suburbs into perspective. I like that you put the specific sources at the end of their respective posts so that if we wanted to know more about a specific suburb, we know where to look. There isn’t much that I can say to improve it. The picture of the Lakewood sign was distorted when I opened that section. It isn’t immediately obvious which link is the “home” link–the one displaying the 4 different suburbs–but I think most people can figure it out. “Lakewood Today” seems to be missing content. The text in Cerritos should be separated into paragraphs instead of one long block, so it doesn’t seem as daunting to the reader. Other than those, the site is neat, organized, and feels unified.

Berenice Contreras:

The timeline was extremely beneficial, however the set up of the timeline could have been improved. The display of it was not very aesthetically pleasing. It was a great timeline; the display could just use some improvements. I would also attempt to focus on shortening down the text as it was a bit overwhelming to see a page full of text without any indentations or divisions. The length of text immediately took me back. Some of the context on the project was also a bit informal for my preference on a presentation. The phrase ““you are treated like trash…” although understandable, could have been rephrased in a more academic language. The last criticism I have is possible changing the text side in order to help enhance your overall display.

The project itself had very relevant and interesting information. The suburbs that were focused on are well known by our community and allowed us to be more invested. I also really liked the set up of your website and ease to navigate through the different suburbs. The project’s display was very minimalistic and this worked well with the project. The pictures that were chosen were a perfect representation and ultimately complimented the presentation very well.

Bailey Adling:

I thought that the image selections were well fitted for the blog post.  Specifically, I liked the background image and each post’s featured image.  I thought your photos were well centered.  Your captions were clear, concise, but detailed (especially for the Lynwood section).

A few areas to improve on would first be, in the “About” section.  I would like to see the quote integrated into the entire post.  Perhaps discuss the meaning of the quote.  Another section to improve on is to perhaps include more pictures on the timeline.  In addition, the “Lakewood” timeline section needs more of a description.  Also, the citations appear to be cluttered and should be consolidated or reorganized.  Lastly, alphabetized bibliography (especially “Lynwood”).  Overall, great project!



  1. Elvin Mabborang

    Firstly, I really dig the aesthetics of this group project; the blog layout itself is very easy to follow and has great pictures. The information collected regarding each city goes fairly in depth, covering both the past history and some present events. The about section is pretty cool and gives off a genuine blog post vibe as opposed to a class project vibe (got some pizzazz up in there with them short sentences) and it also clearly states the objective of the group. Also really dug that the group had a dedicated timeline. In regards to constructive criticisms, I felt that the timeline, in conjunction with the photos provided, could’ve also had some small blurb about the city/location on the timeline. I felt that the sources placed at the end of the posts kinda felt out of place and thought that they may be better suited in a smaller font or compiled altogether away from the posts themselves (suburbia for references). Although an objective is present within the About section of the blog, I felt that the “thesis” aspect of it could have been developed a little further and maybe this could have been done by having each post relate back to some sort of central unifying idea (basically connect everything). Lastly, I feel like maybe some interviews would have been dope (perhaps a resident or local from each area). Overall, the blog itself appears very well put together, appealing, and easy to navigate.


  2. Christopher Fernandes

    I’ll switch it up for this one and start with the good and then move on to things that may need some improvement. You guys go into great depth with a lot of information. However, the only visually appealing part seemed to be your front page. Try to spruce up the other pages with visual aids as well. Either that, or you may not need THAT much content (visual to content ratio is rather low). Lastly, your timeline should be less cluttered and more organized and visually appealing for your audience. Other than that, great job with the research and analysis.

  3. Brianna Maloney

    When first looking at the site, I appreciate that you’re not bombarded with text right away, but the different cities that are divided with images. I thought that the About Page was different from the rest of the groups, and provided a good general background to the suburbs and what the group was looking at as a whole. The images fit the text in each post, and there was a lot of it. I enjoyed that instead of looking at a single suburban area, you looked at multiple, with each one having different parts of it, including the racial zoning and economic differences that could be highlighted. Although they posted their sources individually on each page, I would have liked to see a single page with the collective references/ bibliography.

    I personally had some trouble navigating my way around the timeline to see all of the different components of it. It seemed very clunky to navigate around and to truly understand what was being presented. However, once I got the hang of it, I thought that the timeline was a great aspect to have; the horizontal layout of information provided a different way of looking at the creation of these spaces, which I enjoyed.


  4. Kat Schiller

    This project demonstrated excellent key points surrounding the importance of the suburbs in Los Angeles. A strong theme, aesthetic pictures with well-written captions, and an organized layout kept me interested. While I enjoyed the theme, the timeline was a bit too cluttered for me. I was unable to really keep my mind focused on one event. Also, I would have liked there to be a description on each timeline event, summarizing why that notable feature was relevant to your topic. Adding in pictures to visually support your points would also add in a great aspect to your project. The quotes included were all applicable to the topic and gave an insight perspective on the events happening at that time.

  5. Kirsten Miller

    The “about” section of your project featured a very captivating introduction, and presented a clear idea about the subject your project explored. The Jerry Herron quote at the end offers an interesting prospective on the suburbanization process as a whole. Adding a picture or two may make the page more visually appealing and match the interested created by your introductory paragraph. Your timeline would also benefit from the inclusion of pictures as well as slight descriptions accompanying a few of the events, such as the Watts’ Riots. The Long Beach section did a fantastic job covering the history of the city; however, some analysis tying it back to your central thesis may be helpful in further explaining your main argument/view to the reader. In Lynwood, a further exploration between the Watts’ Riots and beginning of “white flight” may be helpful. I greatly appreciated the inclusion of the map of all the churches in the city of Lakewood. The visual representation of your statement gave it a greater impact in my mind.

    Your project was very well done, and it was very obvious that a great deal of work was put in to making it fantastic.


  6. Anaid Gonzalez

    The history of the different locations were very in depth and insightful. Including history of our school itself was very interesting and I felt as though it was very easy for me to learn more information about the cities around here. In some of the pages percentages were used, I believe if someone is a visual learner then it would be beneficial to include some type of graphical data. Along the same lines, maybe having a different program for the timeline would also be beneficial, expressing the dates in a linear fashion and attaching photos to the timeline would make it easier to understand the events in a chronological way. By including more information into the timeline would be helpful to understand the events more in depth. The insight of the cities in modern times was very helpful to understand how they have changed and I believe it was also very important to include that information. Within the pages some of the cities are compared against each other, this is helpful to see how they were different or similar. The photographs that are included are very helpful to visualize the locations, but if it were possible having photographs that compared the cities from when they were first developed to how they are now would be quite interesting to see. The “About” section of the website is a great way to begin the presentation and has an excellent quote but if there was a photograph to tie in everything then that may be a way to tie everything together.


  7. Nathan Sollengerger

    I liked the interactive timeline. It made things easy to follow chronologically, and doubly acted as a menu for the site. The site seemed organized (via the timeline). I also liked the extensive use of pictures and that you made comparisons between the old suburbs and the contemporary ones (including some personal ones).

    I had difficult criticizing this one. I would say some more color wouldn’t hurt, I wasn’t always sure if a chronological approach best suited this particular theme, the timeline seemed like it could use some more pictures, and I didn’t see a works cited page, although that may have been because I just didn’t see it.

    Also, one of the hosts was a little arrogant regarding our ability to criticize the site, so I deduct points for lack of professionalism.


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