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The Broad Museum

April 10th, 2016

On April 10th, 2016 I visited The Broad museum in downtown Los Angeles. This museum was very modern and ranged in the type of art they displayed. I was excited to be able to visit a very popular museum. Many of my peers have been posting pictures on social media of the museum and it has become a “trendy” and popular place to take pictures. There had been a lot of attention based around this museum.

Before attending the museum I decided to browse the website and get some insight of the pieces. I didn’t know what I was looking for in particular, which led to aimlessly searching for about thirty minuets. I finally came across a very modern and attention grabbing image. The piece was untitled but displayed the text “Your Body is a Battleground.” I instantly gravitated towards the piece and wondered what the significance and meaning of the piece was. The piece seemed very modern and caught my attention with its unique simplicity. I had seen many pictures of the museum and had looked thoroughly at the website.

Arriving to the museum I was very shocked to see a line that curved around the corner. Luckily I had tickets but it was overwhelming to see the amount of people waiting to get in. I expected the museum to be a lot bigger and had really high expectation. The amount of images I had seen had really set high expectations for my experience. The museum was a lot smaller than I had pictured but still had a lot to offer. I immediately gravitated towards the pieces I had seen photographed on my social media. After seeing the most popular pieces I looked for the untitled piece I researched. It was a lot larger than I expected. It was 112 inch x 112 inch. I was expecting a 20 inch x 20 inch piece. Through my research I learned the piece was created in 1989, which really surprised me. I found the piece to be very modern and embodied empowering oneself, specifically women. This is a very popular topic and option in this generation. Every piece in the museum screamed modern. I saw tulips that were the size of a car and a kitchen table five times the size of a normal kitchen.

Visiting museums have become a very trendy thing to do in Southern California and have quickly risen to popularity. People began to appreciate art more publically and really emphasize the significance of art. I really enjoyed my experience at The Broad. Although some art I could never understand other piece such as the untilled piece by Barbara Kruger really moved me and grasped my attention. It was a fun and interesting experience to go outside my element and try to evolve into the new culture of my generation, and the cool pictures I got out of it didn’t hurt.

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