The Yost Theater

Last Wednesday, April 27, I went to see Snoop Dogg perform at The Yost Theater. This is the oldest theater in Orange County and is even registered as a Historical Landmark. When it was built in 1912 it was originally called “The Auditorium” and renamed “The Clunes” that same year. A man named Ed Yost purchased the theater in 1919, hence where its current name comes from. Famous stars of the time performed at the theater regularly and ┬áit housed vaudevilles, silent films, and talkies. It later became a Mexican cinema house when it was leased to the Olivos family. Downstairs in the basement of the Yost were makeshift cells that held drunks and criminals of Orange County. In 1986 the Chase family bought the theater from the city of Santa Ana and made it into a church. As a result of this, the structure suffered and the city bought the theater back and reopened it as a concert and live performance venue for the benefit of the community in 2007. In 2012, the Yost held a huge party for her 100th birthday.

Today The Yost Theater holds special events, DJ performances, and concerts constantly. I have been to the Yost several times to see various performers including Lil’ Jon, DJ Mustard and Snoop Dogg. I have always enjoyed my time there and it has always been a different experience. I think this is because different performers draw different crowds. The Yost is a fairly small space, but draws in a lot of people so it is always very crowded, which is part of the experience. I think it was very beneficial for the city of Santa Ana to bring the Yost back as an entertainment venue. It brings people and money to the city. It holds a lot of history and contributes to the areas culture.

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