Universal Studios

As a kid, my mom would always take me to universal studios in LA with my friends, taking us on the studio tour multiple times a trip. This past saturday, I had another opportunity to visit the park again with some friends Being a movie lover, it was crazy to see sets that I saw in movies, as well as see what goes on behind the scenes of some of my favorite movies like War of Worlds, King Kong, and the Fast and the Furious. Yet, its wasn’t just a studio for long. Over the years, it’s turned into a massive theme park, becoming widely known as “The Entertainment Capital of LA”.

Since 1915 when Carl Laemmle opened Universal city, they had offered tours of its studios with a lunch for just $.25. Universal offered its original tour up until around 1930 due to arrival of sound films at universal. It wasn’t until 1962, when the Music Corporation of America took over Universal pictures and sought ways to increase their revenue. They began to offer dressing room walk-throughs, peeks at actual production of movies and TV shows, and other various staged events. This gave people a bigger and better glimpse of how the movies and TV shows they loved so much came to life. Eventually, this led to the production of a massive theme park with high-tech rides, stunt demonstrations with cool effects like lazors and fire, as well as the tour that runs through the studios active backlot. I think one of the better rides in the park is the Jurassic Park ride where you are in a raft that takes you through various dinosaur exhibits and ending into an 84ft plunge.

The park is an actual film and television studio, that really encapsulates the heart of Los Angeles and Hollywood. With all the rides and attractions, stunt demonstrations, character appearances, studio exhibits and much more, you feel like you are put into the actual movies that you grew up loving.


  1. Christopher Fernandes

    It’s crazy how much Hollywood is so important ti Los Angeles that it made a theme park to showcase it. Hope you had fun and went to the new Harry Potter attraction.

  2. Anaid Gonzalez

    I never knew how cheap it was to enter into the park when it first opened (I wish the price was still that price) and I also remember going there when I was younger. the park did experience a fire several years ago and I wonder if that is something that is highlighted during the studio tours or if it is seem as an embarrassment.


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