Venice Beach

I went to spend the day in Venice beach with a couple friends on a Saturday a couple weeks ago. I spent the entire day there, walking the boardwalk and people watching. Besides watching a couple separate games of basketball, walking the boardwalk, window shopping, and stopping for some food, I went to the skate park. Although I have been to Venice several times, it was my first time seeing the skate park, and I was amazed. There were so many kids of all ages- even a 5 and 6 year old-skating through the pools. It was a constant flow with no particular order, but no two people ever got in each other’s way. There were some extremely talented boys, and it was obvious this was something they practiced daily.

The skate park was built by the city to honor Venice Beach as the birthplace of skateboarding. It was rebuilt and reopened on October 3, 2009. It was an almost 3 million dollar project and is 16,000 square feet with a nine foot deep bowl. We watched a documentary about the birth of skate boarding in class, and after seeing that I appreciated this experience even more. Seeing the true skate culture in real life was very neat. It was obvious that skating was an important part of these kids’ lives and they are part of the culture, even down to the way they dressed. I think building the skate park was a great addition to the city and keeps the culture thriving. I will definitely be back to visit it.


  1. Christopher Fernandes

    Cool connection to skate culture! I’ve been to Venice Italy along with Venice Beach, and although it doesn’t compare, I have to admit that the Beach is still a decent imagined space.

  2. Katarina Stiller

    That skate park sounds like a great people-watching destination! I can’t say I’ve seen much serious skateboarding in real life. I was a big fan of “Rocket Power” growing up; watching the video in class definitely rekindled my awe for the sport.

  3. Elvin Mabborang

    I remember biking out to Venice all the way from Long Beach with a large group of friends a couple years ago for a fixed gear bike tricking competition. Venice Beach always has a ton of traffic (both people and cars) and there’s even more storefronts lying on the strip. There’s burger joints, hot dog joints, people advertising to get you a medical card to get you a joint, and much more. Despite the large flock of people there, I wouldn’t mind coming back (if I didn’t drive)

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