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Venice Beach California

February 3, 2016

Venice Beach, California is one of the most iconic places in California. You can see anything from entertainment, the ocean, murals, food of all types, to a homeless man, people smoking and people getting arrested. I have seen it all here. It is truly a beautiful place that represents Los Angeles in every form. You will experience everything that Los Angeles symbolizes. On the boardwalk you will find an array of things to watch. You can watch the freak show and see boils all over his body that explains his journey to finding his family, the others of the freak show. There you can also find a lady with a beard and a man who swallows swords. You can also watch people on the boardwalk performing and putting on a show.

On that same boardwalk there is Muscle Beach, which is a area with workout equipment. Venice Beach has a lot more to offer than that however. There were a lot of different food selections, from hot dogs, pizza, Mexican food to fruit and vegetables. You really do get the best of everything here and have so many options. Venice Beach screams diversity and variety.

Besides the boardwalk itself the beach can call for some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. With such a diverse area there is bound to be some reality. Los Angeles does have a lot of poverty and there are many people who ask for money and hold signs hoping for someone generous enough. On my last trip here I witnessed a lot of smoking and even saw two people getting arrested. Even with these incidents, I still will never turn down the opportunity to go here. It is a beautiful place that embodies Los Angeles perfectly.


  1. Ian Lococo

    I would totally agree that Venice Beach is an amazing place if you look past all of the grime, smoking, and sketchy people. It is so unique and almost like an experience that can only be found in Southern California. Also, don’t take CD’s from anybody, I learned my lesson on that one.
    -Ian Lococo

  2. Anaid Gonzalez

    I have always felt as though the smoking and the people getting arrested added to the beauty of the setting. It is a very unique place and it perfectly embodies how interesting Los Angeles is. The reason why so many people come to this place is for the unusual events and I wouldn’t blame them!


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