Zoot Suit Riots

For each of the projects write a paragraph that offers at least 5 points of constructive criticism or needs improvement and at least 4 points of positive feedback. Post this feedback to the appropriate blog entry by 5:00 p.m. tonight. Sign your initials to your feedback.
Write your criticism/positive feedback here:

David Van:

I really enjoyed the use of a timeline to show the events of the Zoot Suit Riots. It’s simple, and easy to understand. Explanations were also good, and you had some nice pictures. However, there is still room for improvement. There could be more text on the events, and more pictures. What about more points on the map? Also, it looks like you are missing sources on some/all of the points on the timeline?

William Godbey:

I found the content of this post to be quite interesting, the details, pictures and timeline were all excellent. The site itself also seemed very user friendly. On the other hand, in some areas the layout seemed hard to navigate, several pictures were repeated, and it needs the sources cited. Adding a video would be nice as well. Otherwise, solid work!


William Hovik:

I enjoyed the use of a timeline as it offered a clear and sequential record of events that showcased how the Zoot Suit Riots progressed. The information about the events had enough detail to understand what happened without having to read too much. The pictures correlated with the events allowed for a visual connection and stimulus to imagine the riots. I also like the different perspectives described on the website to capture the breadth of the issue and explore specific aspects of the riots. Although I did favor the timeline displayed in class, I believe the layout could be simplified as it was too cluttered with the three different sections on the screen. For the website, I would have liked to of seen an overview of the project with a posed thesis to unify the topics discussed. Along with the event descriptions, there can be more emphasis on relating the information to subjects discussed in class. Lastly, it seems as if there are some citations missing or misplaced withing one section.  -WDH

Ryan Florence:

This website was really unique and was set up in a way that no one else was, making it stand out. The website had extensive coverage of the Zoot Suit Riots including discussion on the background, the economy, and minorities such as women, Mexicans, and African Americans. The website you chose allowed for you to display a map and a timeline which was interactive and allowed easy navigation of the website, and on top all of that it was extremely informative. However, with the ability to display so many things at once, the website made me feel a little overwhelmed, it was sensory overload. Also, I don’t know if this is an option but rearranging the position of the map, timeline, and information may allow for it to flow better. Additionally, all of the pictures were grey and didn’t vary much which caused the website to seem drab, perhaps changing up the pictures and adding a video may give a break from the information? Over all a great website though and really unique!!

Ian Lococo:

I liked the timeline structure of the project, it helped to visualize how the riots developed overtime and more people joined in. I liked the pictures chosen to accompany each section on the timeline and having the map to the side helped show how spread out the riots and events were. I think choosing this form of website for the riots was a great choice. Things that need improvement are the titles of each point on the timeline, they don’t all necessary explain why each point on the timeline is there; what makes it specific. Also, I would maybe condense the text on each event, seemed like a little too much. I’m not sure how much you can customize the timeline, but maybe add some color to it or change the font. My last to suggestions are to maybe caption each picture with who it is or what’s going on and also to add some more analysis of  the Zoot Suit Riots.

Nissa Araque:

The idea of the timeline with a map was a good idea; it provided all the information neatly and comprehensively, and visually seeing where each event happened was a nice bonus. The blog posts on your WordPress had some good information, and I like that you gave different perspectives of the Zoot Suit Riots. The blog seems a little boring, though. The pictures were good, but the background was all white. If you could put a background, that would make the blog more visually appealing. There was, I believe, one post that had a works cited at the end of its post; I think the works cited should be in a separate tab, just to make the post a little shorter. The writer’s name shouldn’t be included in the title of the post. It can be on the bottom of the post, after all the content. It would be nice if the pictures didn’t cut in the flow of the posts but instead the text wrapped around the pictures. Finally, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I can’t seem to find the map/timeline you made. It should have a picture there or a link to it.

Katarina Stiller:

Great presentation! I like how you combined maps, images, and text. The timemapper is easy to navigate, and the articles have this cool, newspaper-like feel to them. You might want to better tie the mapper in with your wordpress blog. It feels a little disjointed. Having some sort of intro and title page on your blog would be nice as well. Make sure your timemapper is easy to find on your blog as well. Having multiple pages on your blog, instead of so much scrolling would make things easier to find. Also, including your sources on the mapper would be useful. Overall your site had really interesting blurbs – if only they were longer! If you can, try elaborating on them more.

Juna Ideo:

You presented your topic very well and with lots of detail. It seemed like you really knew your topic. Your timeline was interesting and easy to follow. I also like how you had a map for each location that you listed. You had a good number of pictures for each section. Maybe have a little more analysis; tie it in with LA as a whole and how these past events lead to LA today. Also, it would have been nice if you had another section with just pictures, and make it so when you click it, you can read more about it. Another thing to add on would be a sources section. You could also zoom in more on the map because it was hard to see your locations. Lastly, give separate tabs for the timeline, map, and descriptions so it is more organized. Overall, good work; I was able to learn more about the zoot suit riots!

Ka Cin Wong:

The time mapper looked really solid. I liked how it was tied in with historical contexts and incorporated dates, pictures, texts and sources. It was easily navigable, and provided precise dates (nice work on that)! It was cool to learn that Los Angeles Times was used as evidence for the dates and content. It was rather hard to find criticisms for this group, but below are a few constructive criticisms:

  • Perhaps add some background colors (themes) to make the overall project more lively
  • Since sources are on a Google-doc, be sure to transfer them to the time mapper
  • Connect and unify the blog post and the time mapper
  • Add in a unifying thesis to tie everything together
  • (This was presentation related: perhaps allow different members to share their insights on the topic as well when presenting. It is nice to learn about a subject from different perspectives.)

For Bailey: Thank you for presenting with enthusiasm and excitement. It makes the topic so much more interesting that way:) Good work overall, guys! -KW


Jordan Friedman:

I really like how you attacked this subject with multiple perspectives. It’s good that you have perspectives from the general public, women and the economy while also including an examples of an important figure that may have been important. I think you should include more photos though because the website has a lot of white space around the text that can be utilized. Also maybe add a video or two for each perception with more historical background for each. Add a bit of how the riots back then relate to riots and today; if there are any significant comparisons or differences that could tell a bit more about people living in LA and their ideologies.

Anthony Yassa:

This group presented a project that was both well-organized and easy to navigate. The pictures included were great, and they provided a slid amount of historical context on the topic. However, the text became a bit dense at times, and video or audio would have helped in providing a change of pace. Additionally, the project needs a bibliography, and to clearly show whose work made up each component.


Keaton Nishimi:

I think you guys did a good job of showing the historical context of the riots, as well as showing the background history. However, the information was hard to decipher through the timeline. Visually, the timeline works very well, but the text was difficult to read for comprehension. There were a good amount of secondary sources, but the primary sources, if present, could be utilized better. The biggest concern is that there is not a strong cohesiveness within the different sections, the thesis was not evident and the connection between the different parts is unclear. Also, having a singular bibliography could be helpful.

Elizabeth Boron-Trotter:

I really enjoyed your timeline. It was very well made and easy to navigate as a user. Your group used to timeline really well with your project. The events were all very detailed and nicely accompanied by images. Your website also had a lot of relevant useful information. I really like the discussion relating to the minorities. The website was very dull with the black and white images and such. I would suggest adding some color to break it up a bit. Or maybe break up the text and make it more friendly to the eye. I would suggest getting rid of the sources after each section and instead put it all in one place or at the end. It was a little annoying to have to scroll past that. Lastly, I feel there needs to be a strong thesis on the home page tying the whole website together.


Pattinson Hayton:

Your timeline was the best out of any other groups and had clearly stated facts that were both interesting and applicable. I enjoyed how your group presented different perspectives of the Zoot Suit Riots; this enabled me to sort of identify with a side and contemplate the riots more personally. While the amount of black and white pictures can be overbearing, the fact that you were able to find so many and place them relevantly throughout the blog was admirable. Overall your group wrote very strongly and utilized concrete details to support your thesis.

I would recommend justifying the text for readability. If at all possible, I would add some more color to the website – the amount of the black and white pictures made me quite bored. If you cannot use color pictures at all, then change the font and make it bigger to engage readers more. Be consistent with how sources are cited and how they are formatted at the end of each post; some members number them, while others bullet-point them. Lastly, I would not include the post’s author in the title of the posts. Rather, put them at the end of the blog post.


Berenice Contreras:

The context itself is very informative and interesting but have such a lack of color in the presentation made the overall website very bland. If there were pictures included that contained color the website would be more attention grabbing. The website itself could have been more aesthetically pleasing. The formatting of the side itself was inconsistent. The listing traded off from number and bullet points, which didn’t help the overall presentation of the project. I wish the topic itself was a bit more relevant in todays history, I think it’s significance is vital but I wish I could relate or become more engaged. My last suggestion would be unifying the piece as a whole and the thesis to bring the piece together.


The display of the timeline, map and pictures worked very well together. The timeline itself was the best timeline. The work put into that timeline was evident. It was easy to understand and navigate. The public perspective was very efficiently used and providing input really helped the audience become more engaged, from my experience. The comprehension of your topic was very clear though your presentation. I was able to receive the basics of the Zoot Suit Riots. I think the presentation itself was one of the strongest in the set up, easy to navigate, organized and with just a few alterations the overall presentation would be stellar.




  1. Elvin Mabborang

    First off, I think we can all agree that your time map demonstration was excellent and I felt that it helped us better understand the progression of the Zoot Suit movement along with providing us with some relevant information. With that, there were also great photos, in depth explorations within each perspective, and an overall sense of a clear understanding of everything being discussed.
    In regards to constructive criticism, I feel that the disconnect between the dope time map and the actual blog itself can be unsettling for some and I’d like to see a way to integrate both if possible. I also felt that a clear, unifying thesis would help direct the overall focus of the blog. Building on that, the blog itself appears a little lackluster in comparison to what I saw in the time map, but this is very minor and can be remedied with some photos and experimentation with layout. Lastly, I feel that a dedicated references/works cited page is missing, but overall, I feel that the information within this group blog is strong and just needs some minor, more so aesthetic adjustments to really make it pop.


  2. Christopher Fernandes

    Christopher Fernandes:

    I’ll start with the things that need improvement, and then end on a good note. It was really hard to find criticisms for this group, so I had to be nitpicky. First of all, maybe add some historical context about what was going on in the world at the time. Secondly, a video or some more entertaining form of media would be nice. Third, maybe talk about how Zoot Suit Riots have an influence on today’s world. Fourth, did you have enough words? Lastly, I didn’t notice any sources. On the other hand though, I loved the timeline map combination. It was really unique and refreshing relative to other groups. Also, you had a very visually appealing page, which was organized into informative mini-blogs that covered various aspects in a holistic way, which was obviously great.

  3. Brianna Maloney

    Similarly to the surfing site, the blog post layout means that there is just a constant scrolling with an overwhelming amount of text to read through with a few pictures here and there to break up the different posts. The group displayed a timeline site during the walk around reviews in class, but I was short in finding how to access it from the actual website. This timeline would have to have been one of my favorite aspects of the project, because the horizontal layout made all of the information that was being presented much more attainable and almost fun to click around and learn about. The only issue with having a timeline with exact dates presented is that if the dates themselves are more of a rough estimate or just a way to put events or ideas in a chronological order, it can be somewhat confusing to a viewer that isn’t as knowledgeable about the topic and the events that took place.

    I think that overall, there was a good contextualization of space with the map and timeline posted together, and the posts as a whole really drew a complete picture of what was occurring during these riots and the surrounding time periods/ areas. I also appreciated that it was very clear on who wrote which aspects of the project, and that the posts consisted of both a historical context, and personal analysis of the events that transpired. Finally, there should be a link or entirely separate page for your collective references/ bibliography instead or in addition to having them listed at the end of each post.

    — BAM

  4. Jordan Friedman

    I really like how you attacked this subject with multiple perspectives. It’s good that you have perspectives from the general public, women and the economy while also including an examples of an important figure that may have been important. I think you should include more photos though because the website has a lot of white space around the text that can be utilized. Also maybe add a video or two for each perception with more historical background for each. Add a bit of how the riots back then relate to riots and today; if there are any significant comparisons or differences that could tell a bit more about people living in LA and their ideologies.

  5. Nathan Sollengerger

    I liked the timeline. It made things easy to follow chronologically. The site seemed organized, at it did a good job at getting across the message of the horrible treatment these people went through. I also liked how every moment in the timeline had a picture attached to it.

    For criticisms, I initially had difficulty understanding the motives of the site. I also thought the use of white didn’t really fit the flamboyant motifs of the suits, it could use a little touching up, you could be a little clearer about the causes of the riots, and I didn’t see a works cited page.


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