Balboa Park

by Zoey Ferman

On February 10, my sister and I visited Balboa Park in San Diego, California. Some background about this place, it was built in 1868 and it is about 1,200 acres. It has fifteen museums on its premises, fifteen gardens and up to seventeen attractions and venues including the famous San Diego Zoo. The architecture of this place is absolutely beautiful, gardens and white castles. The summer after junior year in high school. I volunteered to work at Balboa park as an audio engineer to help set up the stage to host small concerts. And it gave me access that the public don’t usually get, I was able to go inside one of the castles and I found a picture of Albert Einstein hanging on the wall and my supervisor said that is because Albert Einstein was awarded at that same stage we’re hosting the concert on. I was also told by my supervisor that multiple movies were filmed in Balboa park such as; Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Almost Famous, and Citizen Kane. Sadly I didn’t find pictures of the time when I used to work there since it was so long ago. But I did take brief pictures of my last visit to this beautiful place. I’ve lived in San Diego for 6 years and I’ve only visited the Space Museum, the Art Museum and San Diego Zoo and a couple of Balboa Park gardens and I hope that someday I get to visit all fifteen museums and attractions of Balboa Park. It is indeed impossible to go through all that Balboa Park has to offer in only one day. 


IMDB Filming Locations:

Inside the Art Museum
Outside the Art Museum
Balboa Park
The Botanical Garden

Albert Einstein shaking hands with another man at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park. Source:

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