Bradbury Building

On February 8th, my friend and I had a chance to visit the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles, California. Some background about this building is the oldest commercial building in Los Angeles (Los Angeles Conservancy, 2020). It was built in 1893 by Lewis Bradbury, who was a mining and real estate millionaire during that time (Los Angeles Conservancy, 2020). According to the Los Angeles Conservancy (2020), Mr. Bradbury commissioned Sumner Hunt and later on George H. Wyman to be his architect. The style of architecture is a romanesque revival exterior and Victorian-style for interior (Los Angeles Conservancy, 2020). Bradbury building is designed to be more of an office building (Los Angeles Conservancy, 2020).

My experience visiting this place was interesting. My friend and I were a little confused about where the building was at first. We did not know if we came to the right place, because of all the restaurants (like Subway, Blue Bottle Coffee) next to the building. As we walked into the building, it was like we entered another era. We feel a bit dislocated because outside is a more noisy, busy intersection, filled with crowds of people every corner, and more of a city vibe. As soon as we entered the building, it was quiet and calm. Everyone admires the woodwork on the wall, floor tires, staircases, old elevator, mailboxes, vintage lights, and rooftop. Although the building is beautiful and stunning, I have to admit that there is not much to explore. Most of the places (all upstairs) were restricted areas. All of the things that I mentioned early are the things that we were able to explore.


Los Angeles Conservancy. (2020). Bradbury Building. 

-By Sirey T.


  1. JD

    Hey Sirey! I wanted to know where you heard of this place and what is it known for? It seems like it has cool history behind it, but what is it used for today?

    – Jonah D.

    • ST

      Hello Jonah,
      I want to says thank you for comment on my post. My friend and I wanted to explore/ do scavenger hunt in LA. Some places that we visited recommended, and some we used google. For Bradbury Building, I used google to search for historical landmarks, and it was the first place that popped up. This place used in the film any film such as China Girl, White Cliffs of Dover, DOA, Marlowe, 5oo Days of Summer, Blade Runner, and many more films. As for today, this place used for tourism and is named a national historic landmark from the United States Department of the Interior. If you are more interested in this building in films, there is a link to the article below for you to check it out.

      – Sirey T

  2. Ryan Mardon

    I love the Bradbury Building! I visited it last summer with my Dad and you’re right it really was like you were traveling to another era in time. My favorite part had to be the old rustic open cage elevators. It’s sad that architecture is no longer this beautiful.

    • ST

      Hello Ryan,
      Thank you for your comments on my post. The old open cage elevator is my favorite, too. Yes, it is sad that it is no longer that beautiful.

      – Sirey. T

  3. ZF

    Hi Sirey,
    I really enjoyed reading about your visit to the Bradbury Building. It sounds like a really fun trip to plan. It looks very interesting in terms of its architecture even though it is really old. And reading Ryan’s comment just motivated me even more to visit this place.

    • ST

      Hello there,
      Thank you for your comment on my post. I am glad that you found my vlog enjoyable to read. This building located on 304 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013. I hope that you visited this place one day.

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