405: Just A Freeway?

I live on the boarder of Orange County and Los Angeles County. Oddly enough, I use the freeway to travel between home and school. Each time I use the freeway there is a continuous flow of not only cars but construction. I ask myself, why is this construction taking this long to complete. So I decided to do some research.
I found out that this area of the freeway that was under construction was halted. It was halted because an ‘Indian Burial’ site was found. According to the Native American Burial Grounds Protection Law, it protects the Native American burial grounds in situations like so. Essentially, it states that procedures in cases like this where Indian Burials are found on federal property and what to do in those cases.

Before researching information on NABGP, I really didn’t know that there were situations like this existed. It was the naive side of me, I should admit. After having discussions in class about the California history and the way that the Native American people were treated, this makes absolute sense that these procedures would be put into place.

Here is the link with pictures: https://www.ocregister.com/2019/10/09/discovery-of-native-american-burial-site-pauses-freeway-renovation-on-section-of-405/

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