Huntington Beach Oil Rig

This oil rig is a remnant of what a large part of what Huntington Beach used to be. This oil rig is at the spot where oil was first discovered in Huntington Beach on March 24, 1920. Once Oil was found in Huntington Beach it became a popular destination for oil. AT the time it was one of the best producing sources of oil. During World War II, there were many people who bought land specifically for oil rigs because the land was inexpensive. At one point the beach was covered in oil rigs. Unfortunately, the oil rigs have disappeared in Huntington Beach because the price for land is more valuable.

I have driven past this oil rig many times not knowing that this was the site where oil was found in Huntington Beach. I find it funny that it just sits on a random street corner. This was the life of so many Huntington Beach residents and the success of oil contributed greatly to the growth of Huntington Beach. Who would could have ever known that the random old oil rig was so important to Huntington Beach’s history?

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