Huntington Beach Pier

The Huntington Beach pier was built in 1902. It was mainly to put Huntington Beach on the map as a resort community. It was made as a sort of feat of architecture and engineering. It was very advanced for the time period. The pier didn’t have an easy existence though. It was damaged many times. Each time the pier was rebuilt. In 1930, there was an addition of a restaurant to the end of the pier called the End Cafe. Shortly after the pier was destroyed in an earthquake. It was damaged again in the 1980’s and was rebuilt again. It remains the longest pier on the westcoast.

The draw of the pier has not changed since its creation over a hundred years ago. It was the draw to make Huntington Beach a resort town. The same pier attracts many people still today. I have been going to this pier since I was a little girl. My Dad and I love going to the pier to watch people play volleyball or watch the surfers. In my research I saw that there used to be a saltwater plunge area where you could swim. I wish that was still there. This pier the heart of Huntington Beach and has been there to attract people to the beauty of the ocean since the beginning of the city itself.

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