In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is one of my favorite fast food restaurants in Southern California. Therefore, I wanted to learn more about its history and also find out the significance of the crossed palm trees in front of In-N-Out locations. In-N-Out Burger is well loved in Southern California because of the food’s quality and the quick service. The In-N-out Burger chain was started by Harry and Esther Snyder. A brief history of the founders include Harry, a WWII veteran, who became a caterer of baked goods, while Esther was a surgical nurse in the Navy who got a degree in Zoology. They opened the first ever In-N-Out in Baldwin Park in 1948. However, it was demolished due to the freeway construction. During the 1940s, fast food services quickly became popular including McDonalds and Carl’s Jr, but In-N-Out was the first fast food chain to open a drive thru. It was strictly a drive thru without indoor or outdoor seating, which added to the customer’s experience. The couple was hesitant to open other locations because they didn’t want to sacrifice quality of food for potential growth, but after two years they decided to open their second In-N-Out. Even with the simple menu and fast service, people still lined up for their burgers sometimes causing long waits creating traffic jams. Therefore, they began to include indoor and outdoor seating to relieve busy drive thru lines. Regardless of the success In-N-Out has, the president of In-N-Out wanted to keep the food quality at its best. The company simply wanted to ensure that the customers were eating good quality meat. A quick fun fact about In-N-Out are their crossed palm trees. Have you ever realized that most In-N-Out locations have crossed palm trees? The reason is because Harry Snyder loved the movie It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World where he got the idea of palm trees. In the movie, the palm trees signified treasure. Therefore, Harry marked all In-N-Out locations with crossed palm trees to signify his beloved treasure. -IH

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