Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Cover-Up

Over the weekend I took my nephew to Disneyland for the first time. Though I grew up going to the park often, I had not been in a while because of how expensive Disneyland has become. Aside from the obvious changes to the park that draw in tons of tourists, like the addition of Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars Land, I quickly noted one of my favorite rides had undergone some major changes. At Disneyland, there is a ride based upon the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. This ride is one of the oldest and most popular attractions. If you have not rode it, it follows the story of pirates ransacking a town. When the ride first opened in 1967 it featured an area in which the pirates were able to buy women at an auction. When I rode the ride this weekend, there was still an auction taking place however it was actioning off goods and other items rather than women. When I did more research, I realized this is not the first time an aspect of this sort was altered on the attraction. Originally, the pirates were depicted chasing women around, yet Disneyland made improvements by placing food in the women’s hands to make it seem as though the men were following the food rather than the ladies. Today, they rotated the scene completely so that the women actually rotate in the direction to chase the men off. Just thought these little changes were interesting to note, and I was intrigued by how long it took Disney to notice the obvious issues with the original attraction’s storyline. If you end up taking a trip yourself maybe you’ll see these changes, or if you absolutely despise Disneyland you can just check out the images I have attached. 

Original Ride Scene
Updated Ride Scene

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