Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier is a staple for tourists who come to the sunny, beach side California. The pier first opened in 1909 and the amusement part of the pier later opened in 1969. The pier sees about ‘8 million’ people per year. The pier serves as a family area for many to come and enjoy the rides, the view, or the many food venues that are established around the area.

When I think about this pier my mind directly relates it to the discussions in class about creating a fantasy surrounding California. Instead of having a normal pier where people fish but one where many can come and To have rollercoasters and food directly above the oceans is such a dream to so many people around the world.

In today’s Pier, many people migrate in order to perform and receive money. It goes hand in hand with the whole ‘move to California to be discovered’. On any given day, the Pier is filled with singers, dancers, and many more with different abilities.

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