Silverado Skatepark: A Disappointment or a Hidden Gem

Located in the upper westside of Long Beach, next to John Muir Elementary School sits Silverado park, once owned by the Moulton Estate and dates back to 1925. While the skatepark is relatively new in comparison, being constructed in a 2004 during a major renovation of the park, it was a welcomed addition, giving the youth in the area a safe place they could skateboard and socialize after school or on their free time. However, due to the park being relatively small with only a handful of ramps, rails and other obstacles, Silverado isn’t exactly a major draw for people outside the area since there are “better” skateparks around. But for me, the beauty of Silverado comes from its simplicity and the people you find there.

I first heard about this skatepark back in 2017 when two of my friends came to visit Long Beach and they wanted to check out the place where John Hill, a professional skateboarder who rides for Revive Skateboards, skated in his videos. So we loaded up the car with our boards and made our way to the park for the first time. It wasn’t a grand reveal seeing it for the first time, but the blue skies and green grass the surrounded it made it welcoming and we were eager to see what it had to offer. There was only one person skating there at the time and as my friend quickly pointed out, that was John Hill filming one of his videos. After the initial shock wore off, we did our own thing and stayed out of his way and had a great session at the park with what it had to offer. When he finished, we said hello and talked for a bit and after seeing how genuinely nice he was in person, it really made that day something to remember.

I recently returned to the skatepark this past week with the same friends, and while we no longer go for the chance to see John Hill since he moved to New York, the same joy the park radiates has remained. There has never been more than a handful of skaters there at once, but the community who goes is supportive and insanely talented, finding ways to get creative with the minimal options the park has to offer. While the park hasn’t seen any additions or maintenance since the Dew Tour donated a colorful ramp designed like a mouth back in 2017, I can only hope the city doesn’t forget about the importance of this park. While it isn’t anything extraordinary, this small park is full of memories for me and countless others. It would truly be a shame to see a place like this be forgotten by future generations.

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