The Late Late Show

If you are not aware, there is a CBS Television Program called “The Late Late Show” which is hosted by James Corden every week night. Each episode of the show is taped in the City of Los Angeles in front of a live audience. In my opinion this show is very unique in the way it goes about exploring Los Angeles. The part of this show that really ties into the idea of exploring the City is a reoccuring segment called “Carpool Karaoke”. The whole idea of this segment is that James Corden invites a known celebrity to drive a planned route around Los Angeles and sing along to songs with him. Naturally, lots of scenery is passed and sometimes the car even stops at different random locations to interact with people in the public. What I find to be most interesting is the way this segment exposes viewers to the many realities of what its like to actually drive through Los Angeles. Instead of projecting friendly tourists and a fictional view of the city, Corden shows the realities of horrendous traffic and angry impatient drivers through a more humorous lense. He has segments where the car will hardly move forward in the time the episode is taped, and other segments where drivers are road raging and honking aggressively at him. Recently, he has done more within the City of Los Angeles by creating flash-mod style performances at crosswalks while traffic is halted. I am not sure how I would respond to this sort of entertainment if I was just going about my normal day, but it is funny to watch the way other people have reacted in the videos. If you have never seen an episode, there are tons loaded onto YouTube and I’m sure you could find one featuring an artist you’ve heard of before. In the video I linked below, the police actually pulled the car over while both Corden and Adam Levine were in it. 

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