TimeMap for “Ask the Dust”

Group Members: Thilde Fredricksen, Brooke Sasse, and Ariah Taylor

After reading John Fante’s novel Ask the Dust, we explored how the main character Arturo Bandini navigated the city of Los Angeles. We were able to accomplish this task by creating the time map linked below. With our time map, we revealed how Los Angeles has changed since the 1930s by including both pictures from Bandini’s time period and from current times (when possible). This side by side comparison not only helped us better comprehend Ask the Dust, but also aided our understanding of the expansion of Los Angeles. In addition to these photographs, you will see in the description of our locations how they seem to disprove the ideas of Spanish Fantasy we discussed in class. Bandini was an immigrant from Colorado trying to make a living as an author. His desires for moving West were prompted by the booster notions that Los Angeles was full of opportunities for success and wealth. In his daily experiences of near starvation, natural disasters, and multiple encounters with other immigrants we see this myth surrounding Los Angeles dismantled. To see full explanations for how events in Ask the Dust reveal a counter narrative to the myth built by booters in previous years feel free to scroll through our TimeMap! (:

Our TimeMap: http://timemapper.okfnlabs.org/anon/z5xk4v-uhp-401-mapping-bandini#0

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