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Hey Everyone, Last Saturday I attended the For People of Color Pre-Law Conference at UCLA. It was a very interesting conference. I say interesting because one of the first student speakers was a UCLA Law Student that was in the Native American Student Association. The first thing she did when we were welcomed to the Event gave a “Land Acknowledgement”. She acknowledged the Tongva Tribe and exclaimed how the land was taken from them, and I decided to do a little research. The interesting this that the land CSULB sits on is also Tongva Land. The Tongva tribe was included in the “The 18 lost tribes” which was a provision of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo. The treaty was challenged in the U.S. Court of Claims by then-Attorney General Earl Warren (ascended to U.S. Supreme Court Justice). The Attorney General said the treaty was invalid because it was not ratified.

This is just an atrocity and it is actually disheartening that members of this community were stripped of their land rights, and rather than given land to compensate they were only paid $634 per tribe member in 1972.

Work Cited: http://www.gabrielinotribe.org/historical-sites-1/

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