Unconditional Surrender Statue

Monument in San Diego

By Zoey Ferman

The Unconditional Surrender Statue was one of the first attractions I visited when I first moved to San Diego. This Statue is also known as the “Embracing Peace” statue located in Tuna Wharf Park in San Diego, California. The Unconditional Surrender Statue is 25 feet tall, weighs 6,000 pounds and designed after the famous photo taken in Times Square from World War II. The original statue was first installed in Sarasota, Florida, then moved to San Diego, California in 2007 and New York City. The original Statue was then removed from San Diego in 2012 and a replica was installed in 2013. Other replicas of the statue have been installed in Hamilton, New Jersey; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; and Normandy, France.However, the most famous place for that statue is in San Diego because it was there the longest. The statue is one of the main tourist attractions in San Diego, since everyone would like to take a selfie with the famous couple. It is also the most iconic in San Diego since it falls under San Diego’s theme. The statue is of a kissing sailor and San Diego is on one of the main and largest Naval Bases in the United State of America. The USS Midway Museum which is a historical naval aircraft carrier museum located in downtown San Diego, helped raise $1 million to fund the replacement of the statue and return it to San Diego. Which just shows how important this statue is to San Diego.
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