Union Station

Union Station is yet another iconic part of the LA area. Thousands travel to, from, and through this station. It was built in 1939 and remains “the largest railroad passenger terminal in the Western United States”. In history websites, they explain the architecture as “mission style”. I think this is so interesting because not only does it ring true being in Union station, but it hits the “Spanish Fantasy” nail on the head. I find it more interesting the comparison to the eras that it was built and the architecture. It goes to show that the “Spanish Fantasy” will always be a staple in California’s culture until the end.

As some articles go on, they explain that an estimated “11 million” was spent in the building of Union Station. On top of that, the descriptions that were said during the time of the opening was “lavish”. In my mind I directly correlate that with the whole concept that is played with in Ask the Dust. What I mean by this is that LA has an obvious pattern of parts of the city being so lavish and expensive to homeless city. IE, Union Station. Sure at one point it was a lavish place and millions were spent on it but today it does not exemplify that. Starting to think that history does repeat itself…(insert sarcastic tone)

Here is the link that I used and partially quoted:


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