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All American is a Television show about a football player from Crenshaw High School who gets recruited to a new school in Beverly Hills. I like this show because it shows how different the two lifestyles are. The kids from Beverly Hills have no idea what it is like to live in a low income neighborhood. They live in big houses, drive nice cars, eat out at nice restaurants, and have huge parties. Whereas the kids from Crenshaw High school grew up with gang violence, small houses, and very little money. One example where the two lifestyles collide is when Jordan Baker, a kid from Beverly hills, decides to go back home with Spencer, a kid who grew up in a low income neighborhood. Jordan Baker was pulled over by a cop which he then began questioning the cop. Spencer continues to tell Jordan to calm down, move slowly, and listen to the police. Unfortunately, Jordan did not listen and ended up getting pinned down to the ground and arrested. This show portrays the two different lifestyles and allows the characters to experience something they never thought they would. I liked seeing how the characters react to seeing someone else’s life and then change how they view things afterwards. I enjoy this show because I never grew up in Los Angeles. I never experienced either lifestyles so this can teach me what its like to be in certain situations. I would recommend this show to anyone because it teaches you certain lessons and has an interesting plot.

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  1. AN

    I have been wanting to watch this show on Netflix! Based on your description, it kind of mirrors current race and class relations in the U.S. as a whole? Your discussion of Crenshaw v. Beverly Hills reminds me of Santa Ana v. Irvine. I actually wrote about those cities in my Suburbia paper because I’m from Orange County. There is a huge difference between the two. Irvine is immaculate and filled with single family homes and nice apartments. There are like no homeless people there. Santa Ana is known for being run-down and definitely a rougher city. People say that South County cities bus their homeless to cities like Santa Ana, but they deny it.
    Your example of them getting pulled over was interesting to me because as an Asian person, people have never really approached me with any assumption that I did anything wrong. The worst I get is that I don’t know how to speak English or something like that. The only ticket I’ve gotten is from texting and every police officer I’ve talked to has never been hostile with me. My boyfriend is white and we even joke that our chances of getting pulled over is low. Kind of messed up, I know. Shows like this get me thinking of how i’m a minority, but really not so much since I don’t face nearly the same amount of prejudice and discrimination that others have.

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