Angel’s Point

Being born and raised in Los Angeles, it is always a goal to find the best scenic view of the LA skyline. I had heard about Angel’s point before because it’s part of Elysian Park. It is a relaxed hiking trail that is 2.8 miles round trip that should take approximately an hour. Most people do go on the walking path, but others enjoy taking pictures and admiring the view. There is an ascetically pleasing swing that is a photography attraction. 

On January 3rd, my friends and I decided to start the new year off with a unique view of our city. When putting Angel’s Point into a GPS, it sends you to a police department and academy. After a lot of improvising, my friends & I found the somewhat hidden dirt path that you can drive up. It was around 8 p.m., so it was pitch black driving up the side of a whiny hill. It is definitely worth the scary drive up; I have seen several views of LA, and it has to be in the top three. Do keep in mind it is somewhat dangerous-looking, especially if you will be getting out of your car. It is a view that can be admired from the comfort of your vehicle. It is an excellent opportunity to see a pretty angle of the view surrounded by nature.

After returning to the location during the day time, I can assure it seems much safer, but the view at night is unbeatable. Add it to your post-quarantine bucket list!

If you are looking to hike the trail, the GPS directions will be sufficient, but if you want to see the view make sure when exiting the police academy to make a right, when driving around Dodger Stadium, you will see a small road opening on the right!

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