Disney Channel’s Original Movie Starstruck, follows a teen pop star, Christopher Wilde, in Los Angeles. Christopher Wilde is a pop star that cannot seem to get away from the paparazzi but he must if he wants to get signed for a movie contract. What is more stereotypical Los Angeles than paparazzi, teen sensations, and fame? Los Angeles and Hollywood is portrayed in the stereotypical way; stars are roaming around and every day is sunny and everything is perfect. One of the songs in the movie is “Something About the Sunshine.” The song is played during a touristy scene as Christophe Wilde and his love interest Jessica Olsen are driving through Malibu and end up walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
The song contains lyrics such as,
“Every day’s a dream in California
Every night, the stars come out to play”,
And “Wake up to the blue sky
Grab your shades
And let’s go for a ride
Breakfast by the ocean.”
We’ll do lunch at Sunset & Vine”.
It is easy to assume that Los Angeles is La La Land, especially if someone is not from Los Angeles. Living in LA my whole life, I have yet to see celebrities everywhere I look in Hollywood. LA is unique because of its weather & it may be bias, but the sun does seem better in SoCal.

The reality is that LA is not one pretty picture. If tourists went to places other than tourist attractions, they would realize that is the struggle in the communities here. Of course, if someone sticks to Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills, Los Angeles is going to be a dream, but it is not the reality for the residents. LA is a vacation to some, but for others, this is their harsh reality.

As a kid, it is nice to see Los Angeles as a paradise, and Starstruck is one of my favorite Disney Channel Originals, 10/10 recommend!


  1. ZF

    Hello LM,
    This was definitely one of my favorite movies growing up. I didn’t realize how much it is connected to this class until I read your post. It definitely showed and portrayed Los Angles the way I always thought it was. Very interesting takeaway! I totally recommend people watch it too if they haven’t!

    Zoey Ferman

  2. ST


    Thank you for posting this. Starstruck is also one of my favorite movies growing up, too. I like how you are able to incorporate what we learn in this class with this movie. Good job!

  3. TF

    I almost wrote about this movie, it used to be my favorite Disney Channel movie growing up! As someone who only came to California for the first time to visit when I was 15 I absolutely understand how over the top this movie really is. What’s even worse is that a lot of people actually think this is what Los Angeles is like. Many of my friends back in Europe think I see celebrities all the time and go surfing every morning before casually strolling down the Hollywood walk of fame before class. This movie is absolutely relevant for this class, good job!

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