The Los Angeles City Historical Society Website

I decided to explore the Los Angeles city Historical Society website to see what kind of information it contained on Los Angeles as a whole. I was surprised at the amount of information amassed in one location. Under the resources tab there are a number of sub-cites you can explore including: “Los Angeles History”, ” Archives and Records”, “Genealogy”, “Images”, “Preservation”, and “Historical Societies”. I focused largely at looking at the photographs and the countless collections they had. One interesting collection showcased a variety of fruit crate labels used by citrus growers throughout Southern California in the first half of the twentieth century. Many of the labels show specific locations in the region and I remembered when we talked about this kind of advertising as a form of boosterism used to attract farmers and people alike to Southern California. Boosters used these crates to advertise the rich and fertile lands that were readily and largely available so long as you came to California. Agricultural opportunity was just one of the falsely advertised promises made by land owners and robber barons that brought people to California with the promise of financial success. However, upon arrival these migrants would realize that land was not as bountiful and available as was advertised.

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