Palm Trees

In nearly every movie about Los Angeles there is going to be a slow motion shot of palm trees while music plays in the background. The palm tree has now become an iconic symbol for the city even though the palm trees planted here are not native to this area. The first palm trees planted … [Read more…]

Hotel Cecil

Several years ago I was listening to a podcast and heard about the Hotel Cecil. There had been a death in the hotel several years ago which left the body left in the water tank from which the guest at the hotel drank from. The “spooky” history has made it a paranormal attraction the past … [Read more…]

Rodney King Palm Trees

When I was little my father would show me around Los Angeles and share the history of the city with me, he gained his knowledge through experience and stories. At the moment I still do not know how much of his anecdotal history is accurate. One of my fondest memories with my father is when … [Read more…]

Skid Row

Growing up in Los Angeles I believe I experienced more than other people my age. By the time I was five my mother would take me down to Downtown Los Angeles where she would shop for hours at a time searching for the cheapest deals on clothes and gifts for relatives. I remember walking down … [Read more…]

Lenin in La Brea

While driving though Los Angeles one day I turned to my right and noticed a larger chrome bust of communist leader, Lenin. The statue is assembled by using staggered sections which represent the brokenness that was left in Russia after Lenin no longer had power. Atop of the statue is Chairman Mao who is believed … [Read more…]

Ask the Dust Storymap

Attached is the link for the locations described in chapters 3, 8, 15, and 16 of John Fante’s Ask the Dust. Anaid Gonzalez, Bailey Adling, Kat Schiller, Kirsten Miller, Kaicie Messer

The Grove

Immediately after I stepped off the elevator the large crowd pushed me down the walkway and led me all the way to the grand water installation which was playing old music. The buildings themselves all had intricate designs, after learning more about the Grove I also began disliking it. It was evident that the extravagant … [Read more…]

Olvera Street

I recently had the opportunity to visit Olvera Street, I had been there before several years ago and I remember I was fascinated by everything and how “Mexican” things were. Now that I go there all I see is the advertisement made for the street and how it looked like a zoo; the Mexicans all … [Read more…]

Linda Vista Hospital

Recently on February 10, 2016 I had to go to my grandmother’s house in East Los Angeles. On Only a few blocks away from her house is one of the most popular haunted locations of Los Angeles. The Linda Vista Hospital in Boyle Heights has been on countless television shows to determine if it is … [Read more…]

Grand Central Market

I recently had the opportunity to go to the LA Grand Central Market. I had been there before, but just to a small seafood shop that we have go to for years because it serves my mother’s favorite dish. We had never gone inside the actual market until this week. Once I stepped inside I … [Read more…]