TimeMap for “Ask the Dust”

Group Members: Thilde Fredricksen, Brooke Sasse, and Ariah Taylor After reading John Fante’s novel Ask the Dust, we explored how the main character Arturo Bandini navigated the city of Los Angeles. We were able to accomplish this task by creating the time map linked below. With our time map, we revealed how Los Angeles has … [Read more…]

The Late Late Show

If you are not aware, there is a CBS Television Program called “The Late Late Show” which is hosted by James Corden every week night. Each episode of the show is taped in the City of Los Angeles in front of a live audience. In my opinion this show is very unique in the way … [Read more…]

Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Cover-Up

Over the weekend I took my nephew to Disneyland for the first time. Though I grew up going to the park often, I had not been in a while because of how expensive Disneyland has become. Aside from the obvious changes to the park that draw in tons of tourists, like the addition of Galaxy’s … [Read more…]

Belmont Olympic Pool

When I was younger, I was on a competitive swim team that practiced at 5am every day at the old Belmont Olympic Pool in Long Beach. This was a popular location because it was one of the few long course pools in the area, and with long course season coming around annually many swimmers needed … [Read more…]