Ask the Dust Timemap

Group members: Delaney Raupp, Alexandra Nguyen, Everett Barton, Ryan Mardon Our group focused on places where Arturo Bandini felt his best and worst in Los Angeles. The viewer learns how Bandini comes to LA hoping to be a success and charmed by the city. That’s what boosterism of the past sold: bright lights and dreams. … [Read more…]

Huntington Beach Pier

The Huntington Beach pier was built in 1902. It was mainly to put Huntington Beach on the map as a resort community. It was made as a sort of feat of architecture and engineering. It was very advanced for the time period. The pier didn’t have an easy existence though. It was damaged many times. … [Read more…]

Huntington Beach Oil Rig

This oil rig is a remnant of what a large part of what Huntington Beach used to be. This oil rig is at the spot where oil was first discovered in Huntington Beach on March 24, 1920. Once Oil was found in Huntington Beach it became a popular destination for oil. AT the time it … [Read more…]