The Grove

This past weekend my friend and I visited The Grove, the large popular outdoor shopping mall located between 3rd Street and Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles. The Grove however is not just your typical shopping mall experience, it instead it feels more like a little town. In addition to shopping, there are a lot more … [Read more…]

The Broad

A few days ago, I eagerly waited in line for an extremely long amount of time with a couple of my friends to see what all the hubbub surrounding this new contemporary art museum was about. Since its opening about six months ago, The Broad has gained an immense amount of popularity among the millennials. … [Read more…]


Just about every weekend, I make my way from my dorm at Cal State Long Beach to my work at the Lakewood Center Mall. I drive down Atherton, turn right onto Lakewood Blvd, drive straight for some ways, and then turn right onto Del Amo Blvd. Along my drive I never noticed a difference between … [Read more…]

Hollywood Sign

Last weekend, my friends and I hiked to one of the most significant landmarks in Los Angeles, California: The Hollywood sign. It is one of the most known American cultural icons in the world. There is widespread popular belief that it is thought to stand for the entertainment and film industry located in Hollywood and the … [Read more…]

Leonis Adobe

I visited the Leonis Adobe Musuem on February 27th at 10 am. It was originally a four room adobe brick house built in 1884. When Miguel Leonis married the daughter of the chief of the Malibu Indians, he took control over the adobe house along with 11,000 acres of Native American land. He remodeled the home … [Read more…]

Forrest Gump Bench

Over the weekend, my family and I were roaming the Santa Monica Pier. There were lots of cool sites there but there was one in particular that was apparently very appealing to my younger sister. So we had to stop and take a picture in Forrest Gump’s shoes in front of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co … [Read more…]

Muscle Beach

Two years ago, I went for the first time to the famous Santa Monica Pier. It was a nice hot sunny day so my family and I decided to walk along the beach for a bit. As we walked south of the pier, we found what looked to be a child’s playground on steroids. From … [Read more…]

Angel’s Flight

While visiting Los Angeles last summer, I had seen this interesting looking ride known as Angel’s Flight. I don’t know about you, but when I see something like this I feel the need to jump on board and play as if I were a ten year old boy. Unfortunately, my logic rushed back to me … [Read more…]

Duet Sculpture

January 31, 2016     4:27pm During my walk around CSULB’s campus like thousands of other students, I have passed this seemingly random orange and brown sculpture many times before. Whether I was trekking my way to the bookstore or the library from lower campus, I have always found myself walking by this interesting piece of … [Read more…]