The La Brea Tar Pits

A few weeks ago on Saturday April 23rd, some friends and I went and explored the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for the day. While we were there, we also explored the La Brea Tar Pits museum right next to it. I had never heard of any tar pits in LA until that day, … [Read more…]

Universal Studios

As a kid, my mom would always take me to universal studios in LA with my friends, taking us on the studio tour multiple times a trip. This past saturday, I had another opportunity to visit the park again with some friends Being a movie lover, it was crazy to see sets that I saw … [Read more…]

Murphy’s Nazi Camp

At the end of my senior year in May of 2014, my class of 38 went on a month and a half long field trip around Europe. We had spent almost two weeks in Poland touring the many Nazi camps that housed millions of Jews, then went exploring the land of Israel for the remaining … [Read more…]

The Hollywood Sign

Last Saturday, I went hiking on the Mt. Hollywood trail this past weekend for the first time with some friends to go see the Hollywood sign. It was really cool seeing the sign in person after watching many movies and TV showing the famous sign and the glamourous hills below. Placed near the top of … [Read more…]

Chicken Boy

Last weekend, I went on an adventure around the highland park area with some friends to find some weird and interesting sculptures or buildings when I spotted a marvelous statue of a half man half chicken. It was beautiful. Standing on top of a building was this giant man with a chicken head holding a … [Read more…]

Most Theater

On Thursday February 12th, I saw one of my favorite DJs perform at the Yost theater. For my first time partying at an actual nightclub, all I can say was that it was one for the books. It wasn’t until the day after the event that I found out that the Yost theater held a … [Read more…]

Watts Towers

Looking like something that came out of some freaky futuristic movie, the Watts towers are a collection of 17 different structures that are all connected. Located in the Watts community in Los Angeles, the towers are today considered a historical landmark and is a big tourist attraction for architects from all over the world. I once … [Read more…]

Chinese Theatre

December 19th I have only been to the historic Chinese theater once during a brotherhood retreat out in Hollywood in the middle of the night. It was one of those moments when you see something you’ve read about or seen on TV in person for the first time. What I find interesting about the theatre … [Read more…]

The Sunken City

January 9th, 5pm at the Sunken City at San Pedro Cliffs A few of my friends and I explored at the popular site known as Sunken city. It was my first time there, and I was in awe when I saw the magnitude of it. It was huge! You can even climb down to the water where … [Read more…]