Leaving Los Angeles

The school year has finally ended. I have finished my tests and my essays and the stress has magically disappeared. So I did what I do at the end of every year, I packed up and went home. Home being in Northern California. As I drove away I felt different than the year before. I … [Read more…]

Santa Monica Pier

Every time my parents come down to Southern California they try to take me somewhere new. The most recent time they came down we decided to go to the Santa Monica Pier. I expected it to be like pier 39 in San Francisco, but it wasn’t quite what I anticipated. The pier is the end … [Read more…]

Southern California and Plants

During my last few weeks of school I was writing papers and studying for finals and overall completely stressed out. The one class that stood out from all of this was my American Indian Studies class where we were listening to guest speakers discuss sustainability. Of course towards the very end it would begin to … [Read more…]

The Queen Mary

About a week ago I got to go see the Queen Mary, a ship docked in the Los Angeles Port. While there are many ships there the Queen Mary certainly stands out. Most of the ships are cargo ships bring goods in and out of the harbor, but the Queen Mary is an old passenger … [Read more…]

Los Angeles International Airport

This past week I had the wonderful experience of picking my sister of at Los Angeles International Airport. Although I’ve been to international airports before Los Angeles is certainly the largest I have been to. As I was trying to get to my sister’s gate while avoiding buses and crashing into pedestrians I found myself increasingly … [Read more…]

The Birthplace of the People

Puvungna means “the gathering place”. Today, students at CSU long beach recognize it as “that old Indian burial ground”.  The story behind it is so much more than either of these two phrases can convey. Puvungna is a large empty lot with an amazing story behind it. Years ago the Tongva people habituated this area … [Read more…]

An intimidating city

I come from a town called Stockton in Northern California. My knowledge of L.A. consists of big buildings, heavy traffic, and pollution. To me it’s just another big, intimidating, and easy to get lost in city. I’ve never thought about visiting or exploring it; it has only ever been somewhere to drive through t get … [Read more…]