Whiskey a Go Go

Whiskey a Go Go is a nightclub/rock club on the Sunset strip, whose influence is certainly not limited to the L.A. night life. Although it was not the first venue of the franchise, the original having opened in Chicago in 1958, 6 years before the L.A. establishment, it is assuredly the most famous. What separates … [Read more…]

San Pedro High School Track

This Saturday (2/13) around noon I had a Lacrosse game at Daniel’s Field in San Pedro, and just up the street was San Pedro High School. Before the game, I went for a warmup run and wandered onto the campus. To my surprise, the majority of the school was open. I decided to run onto … [Read more…]

Signal Hill

On Saturday, February 6, I took a trip to the Hilltop Park in Signal Hill. The park is very popular, especially after sunset when I visited. As it is on a hill, this often means parallel parking at a 15% grade downwards. After the difficulty of parking, I was given a nice relaxing 10 minutes … [Read more…]