Mel’s Drive-In: Sunset Boulevard

Mel’s Drive-In, a classic Los Angeles diner icon, has appeared in a multitude of movies over the years. There are several locations across the Golden State, with the LA restaurants being most well-known. Even Universal Studios created a replica in honor of its impact throughout cinema. Although famous for their classic California diner vibe, Mel’s … [Read more…]

Television City

Andy Warhol once was created with the statement: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Living in Los Angeles, I can definitely vouch for that argument. Most of my friends have either been on television or met a celebrity, something that is absolutely unheard of in many states across this country. I … [Read more…]

Los Angeles.

I knew exactly what I was getting into when I chose fashion as my major. One may ask what that specific thing is. My answer? Constant annoyance. While Los Angeles doesn’t exactly reach fashion standards, especially when compared to New York, there is a certain vibe about the west that traps people here. I’m not … [Read more…]

LA Diversity

The “Valley Girl.” As a typical blonde girl born and raised in Southern California, this is a term I am very much associated with. My fair features have deceived many (even myself at some point) of my true Latin American culture. Splashes of Argentinean and Colombian run through my veins and I’ve grown up speaking … [Read more…]

Beverly Hills // Rodeo Drive

The Beverly Wilshire Hotel holds a historic memory to Los Angeles’ glamorous past. Completed in 1928, it was originally built as an apartment complex for the wealthy. Legends, such as the last and great John Lennon, called this building their home for years. Populated by world leaders, activists, actors and socialites, the Beverly Wilshire basically … [Read more…]

The Shrine Auditorium

I am absolutely obsessed with the Shrine Auditorium. I have been blessed with the opportunity to see various music acts at this venue throughout the years, but nothing can top The 1975. First, let me give you a brief history of the Shrine. Named a cultural landmark coincidentally in the year 1975, this venue has … [Read more…]

The Pike

I’ve lived in Long Beach for about two years and for some reason never really had the opportunity to make a trip out to The Pike. Yet, many have. This stretch of land was once a popular destination for locals trying to enjoy a wistful day out at the sea. A magnificent amusement park, complete … [Read more…]


Melrose Avenue is, hands down, my favorite street in LA. Now, Due to the large number of famous streets in Los Angeles, this statement is not something to simply disregard. Melrose is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a cappuccino at Alfred’s Coffee or a hectic shopping day filled with Marc Jacob handbags, there’s … [Read more…]

The Library

Nestled on Long Beach’s Broadway Avenue, The Library: A Coffee House keeps the street perfumed with the fantastic scent of freshly roasted coffee beans. This location is the perfect hideaway from crowded lines at any corner Starbucks. Rich pastries and warm entrees are served until 12 AM, ensuring that any Long Beach coffee lover is … [Read more…]

Toast and Jams: The Observatory, OC

Take a moment and imagine this: You’re front row. Your hands are gripping a cold barricade keeping you a mere two feet from jumping center stage at The Observatory. Your adrenaline is pumping as you listen to the crisp melody escaping Scott McMicken’s guitar, his voice hitting every note with ease. Suddenly, a sharp pain … [Read more…]