Disney Channel’s Original Movie Starstruck, follows a teen pop star, Christopher Wilde, in Los Angeles. Christopher Wilde is a pop star that cannot seem to get away from the paparazzi but he must if he wants to get signed for a movie contract. What is more stereotypical Los Angeles than paparazzi, teen sensations, and fame? … [Read more…]

Downey’s McDonald’s

I live in South Gate, approximately a 2 mile drive from Downey. Growing up my family would go to Downey’s mall often. On the drive over there, there was a unique looking McDonald’s but I did not question it too much. I stopped driving through there but when this assignment came up this McDonald’s came … [Read more…]

Angel’s Point

Being born and raised in Los Angeles, it is always a goal to find the best scenic view of the LA skyline. I had heard about Angel’s point before because it’s part of Elysian Park. It is a relaxed hiking trail that is 2.8 miles round trip that should take approximately an hour. Most people … [Read more…]