Rascals Teriyaki Grill

When I first came to Cal State University Long Beach, I remember driving down Bellflower Blvd and seeing this restaurant on the outskirts of campus with a giant sign advertising Rascals. I had no idea what it was at first and was confused because it sounded similar to Roscoe’s (a chicken and waffle place). But … [Read more…]

Universal Studios

I’ve visited this park many times and with the opening of their new attraction, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it has attracted a long of attention. the amusement park I’m talking about is none other than Universal Studios. This park is most often marketed as an amusement park for the general public, and people … [Read more…]

Randy’s Donuts

  Over the weekend I had to drive to LAX and I decided that while I was there I would go to see a landmark that has loomed in the background of many movies. The landmark is Randy’s Donuts. You may not recognize the name but I’m sure you’d recognize the giant donut that is … [Read more…]

Hardfact-Kosso Eloul

  Almost every day I walk passed the Molecular and Life Science building and see a giant concrete and steel sculpture looming over the hill I never had any idea what it was. To me, it just looked like something with a slice taken out of it, and I actually could never find exactly what … [Read more…]

Walt Disney Concert Hall

I had driven passed this building a couple of times but never really payed too much attention to it. I just saw it as a beautiful piece of architecture, albeit very strange looking, but it peaked my interest. The building I’m talking about is the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The Walt Disney Concert Hall is … [Read more…]

The Walk of Fame – Hollywood Boulevard

When walking down Hollywood Boulevard it’s pretty hard not to be overwhelmed, there’s a little bit of everything going on for everybody from all walks of life. Hollywood Boulevard has stood as the symbol for what Hollywood is for years and will remain to do so. Hollywood boulevard was originally named Prospect Avenue, but upon … [Read more…]

The Huntington Beach Pier

One of my favorite beaches to go is Huntington Beach and every time I go there I see the pier extending out into the Pacific Ocean, highlighting the tourist destination. I always looked at it wondering how it was built and how it has stood for so long. Turns out, the one we all know … [Read more…]

Now-Piotr Kowalski

  Almost every day I’ve gone to campus I find myself walking passed a large sculpture near the University student Union (on the side with all the awkward heighted stairs leading to the Kin building). I would always look at it and have absolutely no idea what it was and I never found it to … [Read more…]

The Queen Mary

    During my freshman year at CSULB I took a theater class in which I was required to see several plays. These plays took place at the Royal Theater on the Queen Mary. I always knew what the Queen Mary was, but seeing her there docked and refurbished to work as a tourist attraction … [Read more…]