Outer Limits Tattoo

This past Saturday I went to the secluded Chestnut Ave in Downtown Long Beach. Anyone walking by this area would not see much to allude to the significance of the tattoo parlor on this street. Outer Limits Tattoo Parlor, a simple tattoo parlor, is in fact the oldest operating tattoo parlor in the United States, … [Read more…]

Compton Swap Meet

Last Thursday, I drove out to one of the most infamous locations in both Compton and hip hop music, The Compton Swap Meet. Although it closed down last year, the Compton Swap Meet for 32 years represented a culture and community of diversity. The Compton Fashion Center (as is it’s original name) was opened in 1985, taking … [Read more…]

North Fairfax Avenue

This past Friday a few friends and I drove to what has become known as one the most interesting and popular street among street wear aficionados: North Fairfax Ave. Currently known for it’s multiple street wear shops and skater culture, once I dug deeper into the history, it’s clear that this street has a long … [Read more…]

The Broad Museum

This past Monday I was fortunate enough to attend the Broad Museum in downtown Los Angeles, as tickers are free but have been booked for several months in advance. The Broad Museum is a relatively new addition to the Los Angeles landscape, yet it still is an interesting blob of architecture and art. The plans for the … [Read more…]

Rancho Los Alamitos

This past Saturday I traveled to a hidden gem nestled inside the Bixby Hill Manor Apartments: Rancho Los Alamitos. This slice of land among the suburban houses represents the connection between greater Los Angeles and it’s Spanish/Mexican roots. Rancho Los Alamitos was originally much than the small amount of land it encompasses today. The original … [Read more…]

Shipwreck in Palos Verdes

This past Saturday I went for a hike along a beach in Palos Verdes. Surprisingly, I was not there for a sun tan or even for the waves. I was there to see the S.S. Dominator. Back in 1961, a ship by the name of the S.S. Dominator was transporting a cargo of meat and … [Read more…]

Long Beach Museum of Art

This past Friday I went to Long Beach Museum of Art, as admission is always free on this day. The intertwining of both the location of the museum, as well as the art, help paint a picture (literally) of it’s culture. The house that the LBMA resides within was built in 1912 as a vacation … [Read more…]

6226 Santa Monica Boulevard

  Santa Monica Boulevard is one of the most well known thoroughfares in Los Angeles, running from Sunset Boulevard and ending on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. Such a road holds many tidbits and trivia about the culture of Los Angeles, but one piece of information often overlooked is the role of Santa Monica Blvd. … [Read more…]

The Griffith Observatory

  On February 7th I made the hour trip from Long Beach to the Griffith Observatory. Having known of it’s deep rooted connections to Los Angeles as well as the solar system, I knew I had to go and visit. The Griffith Observatory is testament to human curiosity and innovation at it’s finest. Resting on … [Read more…]

LAn-235: Native Americans and CSULB

  Living in the Los Cerritos dorm my freshman year at CSULB, I quickly learned of the empty field near the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden and the “story” behind it. According to several third and fourth years, the site was the remains of an Indian burial ground, and was often visited by students for … [Read more…]