Residual Districts

Yesterday my group and I traveled down Cherry Ave to explore the areas of Long Beach that used to be segregated into three different socioeconomic districts. These districts, outlined by the FHA, once facilitated the demographics of the area, restricting certain types of people from living there. Although these districts are not directly defined today, … [Read more…]

El Dorado Skatepark

Over the past weekend, my friends and I went to El Dorado Park to check out one of Long Beach’s favorited skateparks. Coming from a suburban town heavily influenced on skateboarding, I have been around a lot of skaters and have had exposure to various parks. At every park, there is a strong sense of … [Read more…]

Seal Beach

About twice a week, I make my way to Seal Beach for work and cross the border of Los Angeles County to Orange County. Living near the school, I realize I am located near the edge of the LA County so the difference is not as dramatic as it is coming from the more inner … [Read more…]

Long Beach Swap Meet

On Sunday morning, from around 6 am to 12 pm my father and I went to the Long Beach High Performance Swap Meet on Carson Street near the Long Beach Airport. This event is an automotive swap meet where over 600 vendors and thousands of shoppers come together to buy and sell custom goods. It’s … [Read more…]

Little Tokyo

Over the weekend, I went with one of my roommates to Little Tokyo to eat ramen at a restaurant called Daikokuya. The town had a lot of culture and it was interesting to look at it with the prospective that this class covers. Little Tokyo has been there since the beginning of the twentieth century … [Read more…]

San Fernando Valley

While on my way to back Long Beach from my home town in Simi Valley, I drove through San Fernando Valley to look around and observe the culture. I have been there multiple times for family matters, outsourcing, or car part searching but I wanted to see the environment with a different outlook. While driving … [Read more…]

Venice Beach

Over the weekend I was at a certain Los Angeles tourist attraction known as Venice Beach. It was interesting to observe all the different kinds of people and to see their reasons for being there. Venice Beach has a history that begun around the 1950s when it developed as a creative and artistic hangout. To … [Read more…]

Upright Citizens Brigade training center

Last semester I went to a comedy show in Los Angeles at a place called the Upright Citizens Brigade training center (UCB). UCB is a comedy school that puts on free or discount shows to the public so that trainees can practice their improvised and sketch comedy. Located on Sunset Boulevard, the theater is in … [Read more…]

LA Industry

For the past six months I’ve been working as an intern at The Boeing Company and it has been an interesting experience. I work within an industrial park in large buildings with over one thousand employees around me. It’s a very new experience for me coming from the much more modest employment areas of my … [Read more…]

Traffic Circle

Growing up in a suburban area, I wasn’t exposed to the chaos atmosphere that is LA streets and traffic. Most streets I was used to drive on were calm, scenic, and straight forward in terms of rules or regulations. Ever since I have moved to the LA area, I have noticed a change in driving … [Read more…]