Belmont Olympic Pool

When I was younger, I was on a competitive swim team that practiced at 5am every day at the old Belmont Olympic Pool in Long Beach. This was a popular location because it was one of the few long course pools in the area, and with long course season coming around annually many swimmers needed … [Read more…]

Los Angeles Public Library

Recently, I visited the central branch of the Los Angeles Public Library. It is located in Downtown Los Angeles at 630 W 5th St., and it was initially built in 1926. In addition to the Central Branch, there are 72 other branches of the Los Angeles Public Library system. Together, the branches have amassed a … [Read more…]

Clang, Clang, Clang, Went the Trolley: Automobiles Killed the Los Angeles Red Car Trolleys

If you ever ask an Angeleno why there is no efficient public transportation system in Los Angeles, chances are you will hear this widely believed myth: Los Angeles is too widely spread out to ever support an effective public transportation system.  Actually, for more than half a century, Los Angeles served as a public transportation … [Read more…]

Palm Trees

In nearly every movie about Los Angeles there is going to be a slow motion shot of palm trees while music plays in the background. The palm tree has now become an iconic symbol for the city even though the palm trees planted here are not native to this area. The first palm trees planted … [Read more…]

Hotel Cecil

Several years ago I was listening to a podcast and heard about the Hotel Cecil. There had been a death in the hotel several years ago which left the body left in the water tank from which the guest at the hotel drank from. The “spooky” history has made it a paranormal attraction the past … [Read more…]

Skid Row

Growing up in Los Angeles I believe I experienced more than other people my age. By the time I was five my mother would take me down to Downtown Los Angeles where she would shop for hours at a time searching for the cheapest deals on clothes and gifts for relatives. I remember walking down … [Read more…]