Muscle Beach

Two years ago, I went for the first time to the famous Santa Monica Pier. It was a nice hot sunny day so my family and I decided to walk along the beach for a bit. As we walked south of the pier, we found what looked to be a child’s playground on steroids. From … [Read more…]

The Watts Towers of Simon Rodia

The Watts Towers are yet another one of the pieces of the immigrant puzzle that fits together to tell the story of the birth and history of California. The construction of the towers which are today classified as a National Historic Landmark, a Historic Park of the State of California, and a Historic-Cultural monument began … [Read more…]

Grand Central Market

I recently had the opportunity to go to the LA Grand Central Market. I had been there before, but just to a small seafood shop that we have go to for years because it serves my mother’s favorite dish. We had never gone inside the actual market until this week. Once I stepped inside I … [Read more…]

The Bonaventure Hotel

I visited the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on October 7th, 2015. I have passed by the Bonaventure many times but never knew how famous it was. I did not realize how many movies it was featured in, and I enjoyed learning about that on the tour and after doing some research. Seeing the … [Read more…]

The Griffith Observatory

  On February 7th I made the hour trip from Long Beach to the Griffith Observatory. Having known of it’s deep rooted connections to Los Angeles as well as the solar system, I knew I had to go and visit. The Griffith Observatory is testament to human curiosity and innovation at it’s finest. Resting on … [Read more…]

Los Cerritos Wetlands

February 6, 2016 11am, Los Cerritos Wetlands Yesterday I volunteered along with many to help restore the Los Cerritos Wetlands habitat (which is near the San Gabriel River). After a quick introduction (which I partly missed because I was a little late), our group of volunteers walked to the location. On our way there, we … [Read more…]