Angel’s Flight

While visiting Los Angeles last summer, I had seen this interesting looking ride known as Angel’s Flight. I don’t know about you, but when I see something like this I feel the need to jump on board and play as if I were a ten year old boy. Unfortunately, my logic rushed back to me … [Read more…]

“U” as a Set

Claire Falkenstein’s “U” as a Set consists of a thorny tangle of copper piping. I pass by it almost every day, and each time it seems different. A trip last semester to the UAM’s symposium exhibit helped shed some light on the piece. The sculpture is a product of the 1965 Sculptural Symposium, when nine … [Read more…]

Shining a Light on LA’s Discrimination of Japanese Americans

California’s exclusion of Japanese Americans existed decades before Executive Order 9066.  Case in point, California’s political system prevented Japanese immigrants from exercising their full legal rights, since there was no path to citizenship for Japanese immigrants.  In addition, the California legislature passed the Webb-Haney Alien Land Law (California Alien Land Law) in 1913.¹  Japanese immigrants … [Read more…]

The Bradbury Building

The Bradbury Building Visited on: October 28th, 2015 The Bradbury Building located on 304 South Broadway, was built in 1893 in downtown Los Angeles. Downtown Los Angeles is a very popular area. It holds some of the most valued architecture. We have come to a time of showing great respect to architecture and detail. As … [Read more…]

The Pike

I took a field trip to the Pike last semester on September 2, 2015. I enjoyed this trip very much; mostly because there is so much history in the Pike that I never knew about. I am not from Long Beach but living here for two and a half years now, I have been to … [Read more…]

Duet Sculpture

January 31, 2016     4:27pm During my walk around CSULB’s campus like thousands of other students, I have passed this seemingly random orange and brown sculpture many times before. Whether I was trekking my way to the bookstore or the library from lower campus, I have always found myself walking by this interesting piece of … [Read more…]