Rascals Teriyaki Grill

When I first came to Cal State University Long Beach, I remember driving down Bellflower Blvd and seeing this restaurant on the outskirts of campus with a giant sign advertising Rascals. I had no idea what it was at first and was confused because it sounded similar to Roscoe’s (a chicken and waffle place). But … [Read more…]

The Grove

This past weekend my friend and I visited The Grove, the large popular outdoor shopping mall located between 3rd Street and Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles. The Grove however is not just your typical shopping mall experience, it instead it feels more like a little town. In addition to shopping, there are a lot more … [Read more…]

Universal Studios

I’ve visited this park many times and with the opening of their new attraction, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it has attracted a long of attention. the amusement park I’m talking about is none other than Universal Studios. This park is most often marketed as an amusement park for the general public, and people … [Read more…]

Clark Library

So not too far from USC resides the Clark Library. I swung by there this month after the Festival of Books for old times sake. Unfortunately it was closed (renovations—always check website info before you leave people). The Williams Andrew Clark Memorial Library holds one of the most comprehensive rare book and manuscript collections in … [Read more…]

Festival of Books

Earlier this month was the LA Times Festival of Books. It’s an LA event now held at USC (previously at UCLA) every year since 1996. It’s basically paradise for a bibliophile. Rows and rows of booths with all sorts of books, from the latest releases to more vintage, signed volumes. Authors come for panel discussions, … [Read more…]

Compton Swap Meet

Last Thursday, I drove out to one of the most infamous locations in both Compton and hip hop music, The Compton Swap Meet. Although it closed down last year, the Compton Swap Meet for 32 years represented a culture and community of diversity. The Compton Fashion Center (as is it’s original name) was opened in 1985, taking … [Read more…]

Long Beach Swap Meet

For as long as I can remember, childhood weekends often involved packing the blue wire wheelie cart into the van and heading over to the swap meet. Of the many swap meets, antique and flea markets; the one at the Long Beach Veterans Stadium is definitely one of the more memorable. Most recently I went … [Read more…]