Lakewood, CA

For a time, I lived in Long Beach, CA. In 2008, my family was looking to purchase a home, and in 2009, they purchased a Lakewood home. My family, a first generation immigrant family, was looking into suburban homes because it was less noisy, and depending on the suburb, much safer and cleaner too. When … [Read more…]

The Broad

A few days ago, I eagerly waited in line for an extremely long amount of time with a couple of my friends to see what all the hubbub surrounding this new contemporary art museum was about. Since its opening about six months ago, The Broad has gained an immense amount of popularity among the millennials. … [Read more…]

Monterey Park – A Chinese Beverly Hills

If you are Asian, and live in the 626, then you should know all about Monterey Park, and the incredible selection of shops and restaurants there. But do you know the history behind it? In 1965, when the Hart–Celler Act was passed, quotas on immigration was removed. Many Asians immigrated to the United States because of … [Read more…]


Just about every weekend, I make my way from my dorm at Cal State Long Beach to my work at the Lakewood Center Mall. I drive down Atherton, turn right onto Lakewood Blvd, drive straight for some ways, and then turn right onto Del Amo Blvd. Along my drive I never noticed a difference between … [Read more…]

Randy’s Donuts

  Over the weekend I had to drive to LAX and I decided that while I was there I would go to see a landmark that has loomed in the background of many movies. The landmark is Randy’s Donuts. You may not recognize the name but I’m sure you’d recognize the giant donut that is … [Read more…]

California State Water Project – Lake Perris

For Spring Break, I went with a couple of friends to Lake Perris. Yes, I know. Lake Perris isn’t in Los Angeles County. It’s actually in Riverside County. However, that doesn’t detract from Lake Perris being a part of the California State Water Project. As we have gone through many times in class, Southern California … [Read more…]