Window Wall

CSULB campus is famed for its extensive outdoor sculpture collection in addition to its diverse and creative art community. But if you were to ask an art historian to pick the most significant, famed, and influential art piece on campus, he or she would probably say the Window Wall. Yep, that big, white square frame … [Read more…]

Airplane Tree

So last weekend I went over to the MOCA Grand. It’s on Bunker Hill, though the dramatically redeveloped area would seem pretty foreign to Bandini’s version of the place. After trekking up to the museum’s entrance, one of the first things that really caught my eye was the massive sculpture of tangled up airplane pieces … [Read more…]

Counter images of LA

When Oil Derricks Ruled the L.A. Landscape Oil extraction is still big business in the Southland, but today locating signs of the industry can require a careful eye. Wells hide in plain sight as office buildings or masquerade offshore as tropical islands. In the back of the Beverly Center shopping mall, one quietly sips from … [Read more…]

Walking in L.A. (Bunker Hill edition)

Last month I took a trek across Bunker Hill. Actually I think I was underneath it. I started in Little Tokyo, and Bunker Hill didn’t seem that far away on the map by foot. Well, my navigation skills are lacking, my phone’s GPS has nefarious tendencies, and my friend had even worse navigational instincts; so … [Read more…]

Hardfact-Kosso Eloul

  Almost every day I walk passed the Molecular and Life Science building and see a giant concrete and steel sculpture looming over the hill I never had any idea what it was. To me, it just looked like something with a slice taken out of it, and I actually could never find exactly what … [Read more…]

CSULB Central Plant

I’m sure many of you have walked by the lego-shaped building, and wondered what it is. I’m here to tell you! It’s the Central Plant of CSULB! What does the central plant do? The central plant’s main purpose is to take water and either heat it up to 180 degrees fahrenheit or chill it to … [Read more…]