The Broad

The Broad Museum April 10th, 2016 On April 10th, 2016 I visited The Broad museum in downtown Los Angeles. This museum was very modern and ranged in the type of art they displayed. I was excited to be able to visit a very popular museum. Many of my peers have been posting pictures on social … [Read more…]

Clark Library

So not too far from USC resides the Clark Library. I swung by there this month after the Festival of Books for old times sake. Unfortunately it was closed (renovations—always check website info before you leave people). The Williams Andrew Clark Memorial Library holds one of the most comprehensive rare book and manuscript collections in … [Read more…]

Festival of Books

Earlier this month was the LA Times Festival of Books. It’s an LA event now held at USC (previously at UCLA) every year since 1996. It’s basically paradise for a bibliophile. Rows and rows of booths with all sorts of books, from the latest releases to more vintage, signed volumes. Authors come for panel discussions, … [Read more…]